Everyone has a unique story to tell and a message that moves people to take action. No matter who you are, know that there is space for you to be seen and heard.


I'm Cherene Francis

I was the "quiet girl." And I still consider myself an introvert, but when I entered the world of business in 2010 as a certified coach and image consultant, I soon realized that my thoughtful advice did no justice staying in my head. I had a lot of ideas, strategies, and wisdom to share, but hiding behind my logo in the exploding digital age was almost crippling.

To overcome my fears of public failure and judgment, I completed deep mindset work to build my confidence. I studied the art and science of communication and marketing to connect deeply with people, leading to a "Heck yes - I'll work with you!" 

Now with over a decade of personal and professional growth, I have become a master at personal brand marketing, and I have used all my experience and know-how to help countless others establish and grow their own personal brands for success.

I'll show you how to use your brand to position yourself as "the boss" in your industry so you can leverage your influence for more clients, sales, and opportunities. 

Expand Your Visibility

Learn how to get seen by more of your ideal online.

Grow Your Audience

Build authentic relationships with your audience and create a loyal following.

Attract Opportunities, Clients & Sales

Leverage your influence to attract new clients, partnerships, and sales.

My Story

I always wanted to be in the spotlight, and strangely enough, I was your girl when it came to dressing up and putting on a show. You probably have seen me on TV or in a commercial, for that matter. But acting is very different from showing up as myself to the world. Being yourself can be the most vulnerable thing you do on the internet.

As a creative writer, producer, director, actor, and all-around media queen (if I do say so myself), I love sharing stories, and one thing I know for sure is that inspiring, entertaining, and educational stories make the most significant impact. That's why I have committed myself to empower professionals and personalities to tell their hero stories through personal brand marketing over the past several years. Their stories lead to people being inspired, taking action, and experiencing tangible results. So whether I tell a fictional story for fun or an authentic message for the heart,  I remain committed to the same mission: inspiring others to make positive changes. I believe every person has a story and that it is worth telling.

"I had a lack of clarity around marketing. I questioned whether I was good enough. She taught me marketing, copywriting, and Facebook. She also taught me how to be confident in the media and TV!"

- Marsha Lecour

"When I started, she asked many questions, had a good listening ear, and gave me good insight into the market trends. The result is my website is up and running. Cherene’s wealth of knowledge on marketing is what people are looking for. She can help you. She is honest and will lead you in the right direction."

- Sylvia Ho

"Before working with Cherene, my brain was swirling with information, and I found it really challenging to narrow down my brand message. Now I am more focused and deliberate with my marketing strategy and the conversations about "what I do" flow much smoother. "

- Kathy Maloney

Why I Do It

Is it just me, or is the world getting crazier by the day? With all the noise on the internet and in the media, my goal is to amplify the voices our world needs to hear.  

I have formal education and experience in Communications, Film & TV Media, Branding, Marketing, Image Consulting, Acting for Camera & Theatre, World Religions, and Philosophy. I am also an International Board Designated Trainer of Hypnosis & Master NLP Coach.

With all my talents and skills for creativity and personal presentation, I would be doing the world a disservice if I didn't help you geniuses boss up your personal brands!


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